Chisholm Institute of TAFE

Chisholm is Victoria's premier public vocational education and training provider, prominently placed across Melbourne's south east manufacturing heartland and residential growth corridors.

We pride ourselves on our record of providing quality education and training that leads to real career outcomes. Our long-term success means you can trust that you'll learn job ready skills, and earn a respected qualification.

We are a government-owned TAFE that offers over 250 certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, bachelor and graduate certificate courses, with each course carefully structured to ensure that all of our graduates finish with the skills needed to further their career aspirations. Chisholm is a safe investment in your future.

Merinda Park Community Centre Inc

Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre (RTO 3952)  is a not for profit community-managed organisation that provide pathways for those who are pursuing a career, change of job or going on to further their education.

As a Learn Local provider, we provide students with the opportunities of learning through low cost, flexible and supportive courses.

Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre offers a range of Accredited Courses which are Nationally Recognised qualifications. The courses provide pathways to further study and employment. They offer small class sizes with highly qualified trainers and assessors. Funding from the Government provides lower course fees, if eligibility criteria is met.

Wallara Australia Ltd

With 30 sites across the south east corridor of Melbourne we support over 450 people by providing community day services including specialised high care support residential and supported accommodation , part time and full time employment and training and workplace opportunities.

Wallara is happy to support people with a disability and their carers to utilise their funding in innovative and unique ways and to support people to have more voice, choice and control over the services they receive. Wallara is able to support individuals who may have an individualised funding package and/or who wish to self manage their funding package.

Wallara is able to support people with a disability and their carers to:

1. Structure a plan that is flexible and unique to the specific needs of the individual with a disability.

2. Create a program that is matched to the persons interests and aspirations.

3. Choose the people ( or staff) who work with the individual.

4. Arrange supports that will best suit the person and their care needs.

5. Manage your own budget.

Our team of 190 staff are passionate and driven to support people to realise their full potential.

Tel - 03 9792 2985 

Brotherhood of St Laurence

The Brotherhood of St Laurence is a community organisation that works to prevent and alleviate poverty across Australia.

At the Brotherhood of St Laurence, we want to drive change to ensure that we have a compassionate and fair society where everyone has a sense of belonging.

Poverty is not just having too little money to live on. It can also mean being shut out from many other aspects of social and economic life that people commonly take for granted: a job, a home, being connected to community.

Science of Spirituality (SOS)

We invite you to join us every Saturday (except the second Saturday of the month) for our Meditation Meetings and Spiritual Talks, always held free of charge, from 7.00 pm to 8.30pm at the Living and Learning Centre!
These meeting are organised by Science of Spirituality (SOS). Science of Spirituality, a global non-profit, spiritual organization is run by thousands of volunteers in over 54 countries. SOS offers to people an opportunity to find peace, joy, and spiritual fulfilment by treading the path of positive mysticism. It organizes free spiritual conferences, talks, workshops, retreats, and meditation seminars to help individuals and communities achieve deeper, richer inner lives with a stronger sense of meaning and purpose. 

Science of Spirituality is led by world renowned meditation teacher Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj who is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher of meditation. As President of the Human Unity Conferences and head of Science of Spirituality, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj teaches the oneness at the heart of all religions, emphasizing meditation and selfless service as building blocks for achieving peace. He has helped people from all walks of life connect to their true selves by teaching them the art of meditation. 

Science of Spirituality has been in Australia for over 30 years. It organises free Meditation Classes for people to learn the technique of Jyoti Meditation (meditation on the inner light).  

For more details about Science of Spirituality, please visit For details on SOS events in Australia, please visit, or contact, or ring 0425 756 258