wide shot of buildings and a garden space
Pakenham Community Garden - Sensory Garden Project

An exciting new project is under way at the Pakenham Community Garden. This lovely green space has been earmarked for us to develop an inviting, beautiful Sensory Garden.

What is a sensory garden?

Gardens can look and smell lovely! A sensory garden immerses all of the five senses - sound, taste, and touch too. Our sensory garden will invite children, seniors, and people of all ages and abilities to explore and learn, and enjoy, the benefits of being outdoors too.

Where are we up to with the sensory garden?

From 5th - 26th October 2020 we sought community feedback about what to include in our Sensory Garden. Thank you to all the community members who completed our survey and gave us your thoughts.

We are also seeking donations to begin the project. Let us know if you can help out in any way!

various garden images, with children and colourful arrangements

What's next for the sensory garden?

After our community consultation in October 2020, detailed designs of the garden will be developed and we will be seeking funding and volunteers to assist with creating this beautiful garden.

Contact information

Please get in touch!

Email us at sensorygarden@livinglearning.org.au