AMEP Classes

The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) provides up to 510 hours of English language tuition to eligible migrants and humanitarian entrants to help them learn foundation English language and settlement skills to enable them to participate socially and economically in Australian society

Certificates in English as an Additional Language (EAL)

This program is aimed at migrants who need to improve their reading, writing and speaking of the English language.
Funding subsidies apply for permanent residents.
All students will be required to participate in an ISLPR or ACSF Literacy and Numeracy Assessment.

Reading, Writing and Speaking English

This program provides an opportunity for learners to develop and practice their functional English language skills in terms of reading, writing and speaking English. These skills vary, from basic literacy and numeracy such as reading and writing letters of the alphabet and basic money transactions, to making appointments, reading and filling out forms, writing letters and emails, engaging in telephone exchanges, reading and responding to correspondence.  All activities are specifically targeted at current individual skill. The classroom setting is relaxed and learners are not required to participate in formal assessments.

For more information, click on the English Courses link under the Skills Courses heading.

English for Everyday Living

Come and practice your English skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.  This program is aimed a migrants with a wish to improve their English language skills without the pressure of formal curriculum or assessments.  

Activities will include conversational practice of spoken English with topics around settlement services, local agencies, family services, making appointments, the education system, the electoral system and more.  Excursions, role play, presentations and a variety of activities will help participants extend their English language knowledge and build confidence.  There will also be opportunity for participants to bring topics of their own choosing for learning purposes.

For more information, click on the English Courses link under the Skills Courses heading.

Work Skills for Migrants

This program provides an opportunity for CALD learners to learn about Australian workplace culture, identify a career pathway, prepare a resume, write a cover letter and identify opportunities to  participate in unpaid volunteer work as a means of obtaining work experience. 

For more information, click on the English Courses link under the Skills Courses heading.

Migrant & Refugee Settlement Services

As part of our student wellbeing services, Living Learning Pakenham assists newly arrived migrants to settle into life in Australia. Linking them into essential services such as Centrelink, Medicare, education and other government services ensures that students are receiving the necessary support needed to navigate life in Australian society. Also, providing information about emergency services, housing, the health system, employment, transport, financial assistance, where to go for help, legal issues and local government and community services ensures that our new citizens are able to engage with the community in meaningful way.

Intermediate English

This course is designed to assist learners of English to further consolidate their skills.  This will assist you to improve your pronunciation and understanding of spoken English, as well as further improve your grammar and syntax.  This course is also relevant for those wishing to improve their IELTS score for immigration or for study purposes.  Entry is subject to an interview prior to enrolment. Funded places are available dependent on eligibility.  

For more information, click on the English Courses link under the Skills Courses heading.

Document Translation

The Department of Social Services provides a free translating service for people settling permanently in Australia.  Permanent residents, Australian citizens and some temporary and provisional residents can have personal documents translated into English during their initial two year settlement period,  Eligibility criteria applies. 

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