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About Us

What We Do

Living & Learning Pakenham connects with all levels of government and community groups to identify community need and respond by designing new programs and/or by undertaking new projects.  We foster partnerships with like-minded entities to deliver outcomes aligned with our mission and vision.

As a ‘Learn Local’ Community College, we provide quality training, education and skill development in a caring, supportive and flexible environment.

Through Neighbourhood House we support and facilitate community development programs and activities with particular emphasis on those that are disadvantaged and/or vulnerable. We promote participation and inclusion in a caring, supportive environment, contributing to the social, cultural development and well-being of individuals and the community.

Through Information, Referral and Support we reduce disadvantage, providing services that contribute to the social development and wellbeing of individuals and the community. Building on a relationship of trust and respect, we are well placed to be the community connector between the individual and external resources.

As managers of a Council building, we maintain community space and ensure maximum usage of shared space by community members and groups.

Message from the CEO

I would like to welcome you to Living & Learning Pakenham Inc. (LLP). Founded in 1989, LLP serves over 1,300 individuals per year through our unique programs and welcomes over 7,000 visitors per year.

We work to bridge cultural and social gaps by providing participation in programs that bring people together. We will respond to those in need or ‘at risk’, particularly those in the community that are vulnerable or disadvantaged.

2024 brings new opportunities to engage in quality local education and training through our accreditation as a Learn Local community education provider offering pre-accredited training as well as nationally accredited training through our strategic delivery partnerships.

The Program Guide is available now and outlines the comprehensive range of accredited and pre-accredited training together with other employability skill development and neighbourhood house programs. Download a copy of the course guide here.

LLP also has a range of opportunities in our volunteer programs. If this is something you have been thinking about doing, take a look at the program guide to see what volunteering role might be right for you.

We look forward to seeing you at Living & Learning Pakenham Inc.!

Miriam Cadwallader

Vision, Mission and Core Purposes

Our Vision

A healthy and connected community that thrives on a foundation of justice, equality and social inclusion

Our Mission

  • Alleviate disadvantage within ‘at risk’ communities
  • Proactively respond to identified need, by designing and implementing projects and programs that deliver skills and resources to enable full and effective participation in society
  • To empower the marginalised and vulnerable in our community by providing highest quality education, support, employability skills and community connection
  • Be the preeminent provider in Cardinia Shire of services enabling participation regardless of cultural, socio-economic or educational background

Our Core Purposes


  • A safe and welcoming environment to all who enter the building
  • Ensure that children who are present or are involved in any way with our programs are safe and their wellbeing assured


  • Evidence based response to community needs
  • Services with learning and development outcomes to enhance the opportunities of disadvantaged individuals and groups, including the long-term unemployed
  • Education and programs for people from migrant and refugee backgrounds or those seeking asylum
  • Computer literacy programs for essential participation in the digital world with an emphasis on the long-term unemployed, the aged, isolated or those people with a disability. Public access to free internet
  • Education and activities to support young people facing barriers to employment and work experience
  • Tailored learning programs and specialised education in an alternative school environment that is designed to facilitate the provision of education to those that are unable to continue education in mainstream schools
  • Community garden and social enterprise seedling nursery
  • The hub ‘hot desk’ space for community service providers

Relationships and partnerships

  • Relationships and partnerships with all levels of government and community groups
  • Pursue new opportunities to alleviate disadvantage and target those ‘at risk’ in our community
  • A range of services and programs which will enable access to employment and the achievement of high levels of social connectedness
  • Diversity at its best. Projects and programs that foster wellness and social connectedness, justice, equity and social harmony