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Feedback Page

Thank you for taking the time to visit our feedback page. We are always open to receiving comments and responding to feedback, particularly where we have a responsibility to act. Please use the relevant button to tell us about your experiences at Living & Learning Pakenham.

We encourage anyone to send us a compliment, make a general complaint, or raise a child safety concern. Be assured that any information provided will be taken seriously, acted on promptly, and treated with the strictest confidence. If your feedback is a complaint, or about a concern related to the safety of children, we will be in contact with you in a timely manner. Please allow up to ten (10) days for a response.

A note about child safety concerns

LLP encourages children, young people and families to raise concerns and make complaints. We will assess the complaint or concern and determine the appropriate action to be taken, including what support will be provided to the parties involved.

The CEO will assess the risk to others at the centre and take appropriate action without delay when a concern about children is raised to ensure the safety of other children. In the absence of the CEO, should the safety concerns be urgent, a nominated senior officer will manage the complaint and any immediate risk.

Feel free to let us know when we’ve done something that you’ve appreciated or that’s put a smile on your face.

Use this form to tell us if you are concerned about the safety or wellbeing of any child attending LLP premises or activities.

Please tell us if something has occurred that you are not happy with and that requires action.