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Pakenham Community Garden – Sensory Garden Project

An exciting new project is under way at the Pakenham Community Garden. This lovely green space has been earmarked for us to develop an inviting, beautiful sensory garden.

What is a sensory garden?

Gardens can look and smell lovely! A sensory garden immerses all of the five senses – sound, taste, and touch too. Our sensory garden will invite children, seniors, and people of all ages and abilities to explore and learn, and enjoy, the benefits of being outdoors too.

Small stitched picture of children enjoying gardens

What’s next for the sensory garden?

In 2022, we will start holding working bees to begin creating our sensory garden. This means clearing away grass and putting in garden beds, soil and mulch. Then our carefully selected sensory plants can go in! Please join us for this important work.

We’re currently applying for grants to help us fund this project. If you can help in any way, please let us know!

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